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On Wednesday, February 7th, my Daughter, for the first time, rode the school bus with her friend to the South County public Library in Roanoke County VA. While doing homework with her friend, they de...cided to go upstairs to the café for a snack. While eating a snack and continuing to do homework on their laptops, several other girls entered the café area and began riding a skateboard. Eventually, those girls sat down near my daughter and her friend. Moments later, the Branch Manager, Mike Hibben, approached the area and questioned all the girls in the café area. The girls that were riding the skateboard admitted to doing so. At this point, Mr. Hibben advised them all they were in trouble. When my daughter and her friend asked why they were in trouble, Mr. Hibben stated “ You are guilty by association”. He took all the girls, including my daughter and her friend to the front desk advising them all to contact their parents to come and get them and made them sit in the lobby until someone picked them up and advised them that they were not allowed back until their parents talked to the library. So lets review. My 12 year old daughter, while doing homework at a public library was forced to leave for doing absolutely nothing wrong and having to ask her parents to leave work early to pick her up because she was no longer welcome in this public facility. Are you kidding me?! I called the library to speak with Mr. Hibben. He continually defended his action while admitting that my daughter did absolutely nothing wrong. Mr. Hibben advised me that she was “Guilty by association”. Needless to say that the rest of our conversation did not go well as he continually defended his ludacris actions. This is absolutely ridiculous. Mike Hibben should be removed from this position and forced to publicly apologize to my daughter, her friend, any other people who were wrongfully removed, as well as the parents whom were needlessly inconvenienced. Is this what we should be teaching our children, that even though you were doing nothing wrong, you will be punished as well? I know of no parents that would agree with that statement or agree with what Mr. Hibben did! Absolutely pathetic.See More

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