Sarah Snape Head Teacher Personal Statement

Senior Leadership Team

Mr McNiffe - Principal

Mr Wilkinson - Vice Principal

Mrs Cummings - Vice Principal

Mrs Peck - Business Manager

Mr Simcox - Assistant Vice Principal 

Mr Bradley - Assistant Vice Principal 

Mr Nicklin - Assistant Vice Principal 

Mrs Cain - Assistant Vice Principal 


Head of Years

Mrs Mitchell - Progress Leader of Year 7 & Leader of Westminster

Mr Pierce - Head of Year 8 & Leader of Durham

Mrs Crawford - Head of Year 9 & Leader of Canterbury

Miss Pettit - Head of Year 10 & Leader of York

Mr Fergurson - Head of Year 11

Mr Simcox - Head of Year 12 & 13



Mr Mudge: Head of SENCo

Mrs Webb: Intervention Teacher


Teaching Staff



Mrs Battershill - Head of English

Mr Griffin - Second in English 

Mr Wright - Head of Media

Mr Kendry - Teacher of English & Media

Mrs King - Teacher of English

Miss Clarke - Teacher of English & Drama 

Mr Nicklin - Teacher of English

Miss Owen - English Teacher

Miss Grove - English Teacher and EAL Support



Miss Baynham-Williams - Head of Drama

Mr Aitchison - Teacher of Music & Drama



Miss Wife - Head of Maths

Mr Parkinson - Assistant Head of Maths

Mr Wilkinson - Teacher of Maths

Mr A Rooke - Teacher of Maths

Mr Dixon - Teacher of Maths

Miss Plummer - Teacher of Maths

Mr Bagnall - Maths Support



Mrs Watt - Head of Science (Maternity Leave)

Miss Ayling - Assistant Head of Science

Mr Mudge - Assistant Head of Science

Mrs Hencher - Teacher of Science

Mr Chapman - Teacher of Science

Mrs Adsett - Teacher of Science

Mr Bradley - Teacher of Science

Mrs Snape - Teacher of Science (Maternity Leave)

Mr Hall - Teacher of Science

Mr Jones - Teacher of Science


Religious Education

Mr Caheny - Head of RE

Miss McClelland - Teacher of RE

Mr Pinless - Teacher of RE & Chaplain

Miss Scott-Johnson - Teacher of RE

Miss Savory - Teacher of RE

Miss Lewis - Teacher of RE


Physical Education

Mrs Minto - Head of PE

Mr Pierce - Assistant Head of PE

Mr Rollason - Teacher of PE

Miss Oldham - Teacher of PE

Miss Barrett - Teacher of PE & Dance 

Miss Morley - Teacher of PE and Health & Social Care

Mr Ferguson - Teacher of PE

Mrs Townsley - Teacher of Dance 



Mrs Austin - Head of Music

Mr Aitchison - Teacher of Music & Drama



Mrs Bayliss - Head of Art

Miss Ward - Teacher of Art

Mr Chilman - Teacher of Photography 



Mrs Tupper - Head of History (Maternity Leave)


Miss Lewis - Teacher of History 


Miss Hunter-Miller - Teacher of History





Mrs Sallis - Head of Geography

Mr Simcox - Teacher of Geography


Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Le Marechal - Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Ledingham - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (Maternity Leave)

Miss Lobb - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Crawford - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages


Business Studies

Mr Kelly - Head of Faculty: Technology, ICT & Business

Miss Pettit - Teacher of Business Studies

Mr Kerr - Teacher of Business Studies


Design Technology

Mrs Derwent - Head of DT

Miss Holland - Assistant Head of DT

Mr Shergold - Head of Engineering and Construction



Mrs Odedra - Head of ICT

Miss Wellington - Teacher of ICT & Film Studies


Beauty and Hair

Mrs Snape - Head of Vocational Subjects (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Shaheen: - Teacher of Beauty & Hair (Maternity Cover)



Miss Scott-Johnson - Head of Psychology & Sociology

Mrs Boyle - Teacher of Psychology


Learning Supervisor

Mr Rooke



Mrs Francis - Alternative Provision Manager

Mr Guilbert - Alternative Provision Assistant

Mrs Korszniak - PACE Support


Support Staff

Miss Baker - Clerk to Governors

Mrs Edgar - PR & Marketing Manager

Mrs Jennings - Lead Administrator/Cover Administrator

Miss Jones - Gateway Learning Hub Manager

Mrs Jordan - HR Officer

Mrs Kear - Receptionist

Mrs Midwinter - Admin Assistant/Sixth Form Support

Mr Newstead- Attendance Officer

Mrs Tiller - PA to the Principal

Mr Vaughan - Exams & Assessment Officer

Mrs Williams - HR Assistant


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bayliss

Mrs Clarke

Miss Clements

Mrs Hamblin

Mrs Jackson


Pastoral Team

Mrs Parr - Pastoral Manager - Post 16/Careers advice


Mrs A Taylor - Pastoral Manager


Mr Holder - Pastoral Support Manager


Mrs J Taylor - Personal Education Co-ordinator




Mrs Spence - Roman Catholic Lay Chaplain

Mr Pinless - Anglican Chaplain & Teacher of RE



Mr Cameron - Data Manager


Finance Team

Mrs Pearson - Finance Officer

Mrs Wright - Finance Officer



Mr Broady - Co-Network Manager

Mr Lake - Co-Network Manager

Mrs Magee - Design Technology Technician

Miss Manning - Senior Science Technician

Miss Smith - Reprographics Assistant

Mrs Warburton - Science Technician



Mr Burn - Site and Community Manager

Mr Day - Premises Manager



Mr Burn - Site and Community Manager

Miss Smith - Community Supervisor

Mr Evans - Community Assistant

Mrs Derrick - Community Assistant

Mr Taylor - Community Assistant

Mr Pockett - Community Assistant

Miss Morgan - Community Assistant


School Sports Network

Mr Derrick - School Sports Network Manager

Mrs Quinn - Primary PE Curriculum Specialist








How do we make sure all children reach their potential?

·         SEN(D) provision is made for students with learning difficulties resulting from a range of needs, including Communication and interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties and Sensory and/or Physical needs. The use of highly personalised support programmes aim to promote progress across the curriculum as well as within the specific area of need, and will vary according to the severity of need.

·         All students have access to Inclusive Quality First Teaching (QFT) that is monitored by highly experienced leaders.

·         Teaching staff have access to detailed individual SEN(D) information to inform their Teaching & Learning. This includes details of individual student needs on the SEN(D) Register as well as generic information and strategies for a broad range of areas of need; individual Learner Profiles with person centred information and shared teaching strategies that are effective; and reports from external professionals e.g. Education Psychologist, feedback from the SENIT etc.

·         Period 7s are used as part of an extended timetable to offer further teaching and support to maximise potential.

·         The use of Period 7, examples of SEN(D) Period 7’s are 1:1 tutoring with a Masters Level Intervention Assistant for Maths, 1:1 tutoring with an Intervention Assistant trained in the use of Active Literacy Kit, homework support and reading support.   Time for SEN(D) joint planning with teachers and IA’s ensures that SEN(D) learners have access to a broad, balanced curriculum which is well differentiated and takes account of different learning styles and children’s interests.

·         Where necessary some learners have access to in-class support from an IA which is effective in promoting the progress of SEN(D) learners across the Academy in areas they might have difficulties with.

·         The progress of all SEN(D) students is tracked by leaders & teaching staff as part of the academy assessment cycle to ensure early intervention can be put in place.

·         Professional dialogue about every child in school ensures any difficulties are identified early and suitable provision put in place. A clear referral process to SEN(D) Support is in place to support this where the data has identified a potential area of need.

·         Identified learners are assessed for Access Arrangements from year 9 onwards, for additional exam support including extra time, a scribe or further adjustments.

·         A clear Pastoral structure with clear communication between Pastoral Leads, the Safeguarding Team and the SENCo to ensure the progress, attendance and behaviour of SEN(D) learners is closely monitored and supported.

·         A Positive Discipline system provides a very clear, structured process that includes the use of sanctions and rewards at all levels, both in class and around school which supports the SEN(D) learners as they respond well to a clear, consistent approach.

·         Pupils are in sets for English, Maths and Science. Subject Leaders have their own criteria but initially it goes on KS2 and Base Line Assessments. Sets are also determined by target grades and performance throughout the year – it is rare for a set not to change during a year to maximise individual progress for all. Some non-core subjects are grouped mixed ability or gender. Subject specific individual targets are set for all students.

·         There is a tiered approach to pastoral support ranging from the Deputy Director of Key Stage, Group Tutors, Key Stage Workers, Subject Teachers, Assertive Mentors, and allocated Year 12 mentors as well as nurture support.

·         Person Centred Annual reviews for those students who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or EHC Plan allow for clear objectives to be established and any areas of targeted SEN(D) support or reasonable adjustments to be made.

·         Student’s views are very important. Students are invited to parent’s evenings, Annual Reviews and students with a Statement of SEN or EHCP fill out a student voice questionnaire annually.

·         Where appropriate, the Academy will engage with external agencies to ensure the delivery of effective Special Educational Needs provision.

·         Where possibly the Academy will aim to encourage independent learners. Alternative provision and additional resources (including staffing) may be put in place if absolutely necessary to ensure students with Special Educational Needs are fully included in all aspects of school life, including the curriculum, extra- curricular programme and school trips.

·         Monitoring of the Teaching & Learning of SEN(D) is the responsibility of the assigned Deputy Director of Learning (DDL) for SEN(D) and learning walks are carried out to ensure teachers are supporting the progress of all learners by all DDLs and Subject Leads.

·         A Coaching and Monitoring Cycle allows for the SENCo and Manager of the Resourced Provision to share information with Heads of Department and SEN(D) Second in Departments as well as perform termly learning walks to identify areas of strength and development with Teaching and Learning of SEN(D) students. A reverse learning walk timetable allows for the sharing of good practice.

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