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Workshop for Teachers- 'How to inculcate reading habits in young learners' 

An interactive session for the teachers of the Primary Department on 'How to inculcate reading habits in young learners' was organised on 17 February 2018, at the Pusa Road Campus.  The resource person Mrs. Shikha Malhotra highlighted the importance of books in the session and cited various learning situations where a book can do wonders and help children in decision making & choosing the correct path. She emphasised that parents must read to their children right from their childhood as every new book opens a new world to the child. She displayed & shared interesting titles on Maths fiction, grammar fiction and other social issues like gender equality. She even presented wordless books which had only images and can be used for story telling in various regional languages. 

It was suggested that students must be encouraged to do silent reading for at least fifteen minutes every morning. The session ended with a conclusion that reading skills can be honed if students have access to books and other reading material right from their play schools.


on the topic Learning Outcomes – Pedagogy, Assessment and Quality Assurance

Date- 17th May 2017 - 19th May 2017

Venue- Bal Bharati public school, GRH Marg; School Auditorium

Resource Persons- Mr. Suraj Prakash, Dr. Anoop Rajput, Ms. Pratibha Kohli (for EVS)

The informative workshop was divided into three sessions.

In the first session, Teachers were apprised to quantify learning of pupils which is really important to fulfil the learning objectives. What are learning outcomes and the pedagogy to achieve desired learning outcomes were discussed.

In the second session, Dr. Anoop gave an insight to how student centred learning helps retaining knowledge better. How a teacher should adopt a technique to teach students from whole to part was also an interesting and useful tip discussed.

After a tea break for half an hour

The third session was taken in respective classrooms by different resource persons for each subject namely Maths, Hindi, English and EVS where teachers actively took part in group discussions and also had an interactive talk with the resource person focussing on the challenges a teacher faces during subject teaching and ways to deal with them effectively. The key words to design learning outcomes were listed. Teachers got a chance to design their own learning objectives, decide corresponding pedagogy and also to select the learning outcomes based on the keywords mentioned to them taking any topic of their subject. This helped the teachers to practically apply their learning.

The session ended with boosting up teachers with a new zeal to provide a better learning environment for students and to quantify assessment of learning.


A Workshop on First Aid was organised on 14 March 2017 for the teachers of Primary Department. Around 30 teachers attended the workshop. Conducted by Dr Debashis Dhar Senior Consultant, Department of Critical Care and Emergency, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, the workshop aimed at disseminating information about the techniques of administering Basic First Aid and training in Health Care. Dr Dhar discussed the causes, symptoms, and first aid to be given in several health conditions ranging from common to critical, such as Asthma, Seizures, Fainting, Nose Bleeding, Abrasions, Fractures and Sprains. Different splints and method of using them was also explained. Critical Conditions like Cardiac Arrest and Choking; and the technique of giving compression; mouth to mouth and bag mask ventilation to revive a patient were also demonstrated using a human sized dummy. He also discussed the use of AED- Automated External Defibrillator.

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