Infantry Branch Assignment Manager Job

*********Hot assignments for 11B10-11B20********

Do you want an opportunity to serve in a unit dedicated to building U.S. Army Rangers and Paratroopers? The Airborne & Ranger Training Brigade is now accepting volunteers for qualified Infantrymen in the ranks of PVT-SGT to serve within one of three operational Ranger Training Battalions located in three unique and geographically separated locations.

This unique assignment provides unlimited access to ARTB SQI & ASI enhancing c...ourses such as Ranger School, Airborne School, Jumpmaster School, and Pathfinder School. Assignment locations currently available are Fort Benning, GA (4th RTB), Dahlonega, GA (5th RTB), and Eglin AFB, FL (6th RTB).

To qualify for one of these unique assignments, prospective candidates must meet the following criteria-

* Must be MOS 11B

* PVT-SGT (non-promotable)

* APFT score of 210 or above (70% in each event)

* No physical profile

* Must be able to pass the standard RPA (49 push-ups, 59 sit-ups in two minutes; 5 mile run in 40 min or less

* Must be able to complete 6 pull-ups from a dead-hang position; all recorded and annotated on DA 705 graded and validated by a Ranger Qualified leader within your unit Airborne volunteer

* Must have no less than 24 months time on station at time of PCS from losing unit OCONUS Soldiers must complete their full OCONUS tour

* Must re-enlist or extend to meet SRR for the assignment

* All First termer must have the minimal SRR(3yrs) for OCONUS Long Tour or be eligible to reenlist to meet the SRR for an OCONUS Long Tour

* First Termers cannot have had more than one PCS per Fiscal Calendar Year

* Must be currently assigned to an operational unit within FORSCOM

Interested candidates should contact the Ranger PDNCO MSG Wasierski to volunteer for this unique opportunity.

Rangers lead the way!

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