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Human Resources Specialist Cover Letter Sample

A human resources specialist cover letter sample is offered as an example of one you could write when you are looking for work specializing in hiring or training new employees, and managing compensation and benefits, etc. for a business or professional organization. Human resources specialist cover letters should reflect the job seekers' knowledge and experience in this area and their ability to manage the required workload.

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JGregory Waddell
64 Brightman Street
Any Town, USA 99999
[email protected]

June 9, 20--

Mr. Richard Monroe
Hiring Manager
Madison and Earnest Business Consultants
260 Grand Avenue
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Monroe:

This week I read your recent post on calling for human resources specialists with expertise and experience to get in touch with you regarding new positions in this line of work at your company.

With five years of experience while employed at Gatsby Human Resources Consultancy, I believe I am well qualified to present my skills for your consideration. I specialize in helping assigned clients in their hiring and training of new employees, managing compensation and benefits, handling concerns and disputes, and helping administrators to improve company policies.

I feel certain you will receive many cover letters in response to your listing so I am contacting you immediately with the hope that I can schedule an interview with you. If you're available to meet with me and wish to do so, please call me on my cell phone-- 888-888-8888 to arrange a time.

Thank you very much for reading my cover letter and resume and considering my request.


Gregory Waddell

David P. Adams
169 Sparks Street
Philadelphia, PA
H: (580) 444-5972
M: (580) 444-9681

July 21, 20XX

Timothy Klinger
Director of Human Resources
Eastern Corporation
18776 Hanthorn Drive, Independence,
Kansas City, MO 67851

Dear Mr. Klinger:

In response to your advertisement in The Wall Street Journal for a Human Resources Specialist, I am very eager to pursue this opportunity. My qualifications appear to be in line with your requirements:

- Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a major in Human Resources Management

- Hands-on experience in employment, compensation, and benefits

- Demonstrated effectiveness in employee relations

- Strong knowledge of EEO, Affirmative Action, and Fair Labor Practices

Additionally, I offer excellent organizational abilities and strong decision-making skills. These qualities, combined with my dependability and dedication, should enable me to make a valuable contribution to West Plains Corporation.

With regard to salary, I am primarily interested in this opportunity and I am sure you have a fair compensation program.

Enclosed is my resume for your review. I would like very much to meet with you and discuss this opportunity.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


David P. Adams

Enclosure: Resume

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