Tangent Lines Homework

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This is the twelfth lesson in a thirteen-lesson unit on Differentiation for students enrolled in AP Calculus AB or BC, Calculus Honors, or College Calculus. Every lesson includes
✎ A set of Guided Student Notes
✎ A daily homework assignment
✎ Four forms of a daily homework quiz or exit ticket
✎ Teachers also have the benefit of a fully-editable SmartBoard® Lesson for presentation and discussion.

You need Smart Notebook software to run the presentation. It can be displayed through the software and a projector. If you don't have a SmartBoard, you can use an IPAD App, such as SplashTop, to remotely write on the presentation. You can also interact and edit online at Smart Notebook Express.

Lesson Objective:
* Use the value of the derivative to find an equation of a tangent line or normal line
* Use tangent lines to approximate for small values of x

The unit includes:
1) Rates of Change and Introduction to Derivatives
2) Tangent Lines and Local Linearity
3) Investigating Slope Graphs
4) The Derivative and Tangent Line
5) Differentiability and Continuity
6) Basic Differentiation Rules
7) Product & Quotient Rules
8) The Chain Rule
9) Symbolic Differentiation With Tables and Graphs
10) Derivatives of Inverse Functions
11) Derivatives of Bases Other Than e
12) Equations of Tangent Lines and Linear Approximations
13) Implicit Differentiation

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50 minutes

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