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Internet Radio Essay

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Internet Radio

When a new technology is pioneered or discovered it is often the case that this new technology is used to emulate the function of old technologies, for example, when Marconi was inventing the radio he was trying to emulate the function of the telegraph system and saw the defracation of radio waves as an obstacle. Eventually these new technologies mature and the advantages and disadvantages are weighed up and used in their most effective capacity. Internet radio is a prime example of this kind of technology convergence, which uses the world wide web, “the publicly available worldwide system of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching over the internet protocol (IP)…..made up of thousands…show more content…

December 3, 1994 saw the birth of the first twenty four hour streaming internet radio station. (Naughton, John 2004)

The advantages that internet radio holds over regular broadcast radio are plentiful. Analogue radio depends on the strength of their transmitters signal which causes static eventually dies the further away a listener gets from it. Internet radio on the other hand is a sound file which is constantly down loaded from an internet site and due to their lack of dependence on transmitter signals can be heard clearly from anywhere in the world. Also, when RealPlayer was first conceived traditional broadcast governing bodies had no control over a seemingly ‘free’ internet space, eradicating the need to fight for a limited number of very expensive broadcast licenses. In addition to this there was no requirement to pay royalties on songs played over the internet networks, making the only expenses the cost of using a host site and buying software and equipment that can be purchased from any electronics store.

The relative cheapness of internet radio took pressure off the stations to appeal to a wide range of listeners or advertisers. This not only means that countless radio stations have materialised over the past decade, from corporately owned stations to internet ‘ham’ radio, but that internet radio has the option of appealing to niche markets and specific music needs. For example, a dance music radio station can be broken down into stations

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Racism in the 1930's Essay

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Racism in the 1930's

The 1930's was a time of change for the blacks of the United States of America. However, this change was not all for the better. The main change for blacks during this period was that many of them migrated to the North, which in turn, caused many other situations, which included the election of President Roosevelt. This was a positive, as was the improvement from the de jure segregation, when laws allow segregation, of the South to the less harsh segregation of the North. The blacks made advancements during this time, yet there were still many more to make. Before and during some of the thirties, America was a completely segregated society, which was supported by both the law and the police who enforced it.…show more content…

This was a time in which numerous amounts of blacks moved from the Southern states, to the Northern and Western states in search of better jobs, better schools and less racism (Segregation in the
United States 5-9). Between 1910 and 1930 alone, 1 million blacks moved to the North. Because of the great number of blacks in the North, they still did not find many open jobs and, and lived in dirty and run-down places. Crime, despair and poverty all became normal to the black community (African Americans 2). Because many of the black people had moved to cities, it made the number of blacks grow in certain areas, giving them the amount of power needed to elect officials. The blacks influence on the outcome of the political races were realized by the politicians, who began to support civil rights and oppose segregation. Blacks began to win many votes as well, which quickened the the pace of civil rights and changed the political landscape (Segregation in the United States 10). The blacks migrating to the North did not have all positive results though. Most of the blacks looking for jobs were under-qualified, leaving only such jobs as laborers or servants open, which was much like their jobs in the South. And those who found a job were lucky to have a job at all, because many blacks could find no job, leaving them to live with other job-less blacks in unsanitary and run-down housing. This type of housing grew, creating black slums, or ghettos,

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