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Lack of Respect

Respect is needed for a society to work well. In past generations children were taught by their parents to respect their elders, the law, the president, others, and themselves. Today some children are raised to only think of themselves and to not respect their elders or their surroundings. Citizens do not respect themselves, others, and their surroundings. People affected by lack of respect can have low self-esteem. Depending on the severity it can also lead to depression or even suicide. Lack of respect is a large issue in society.

Lack of respect is prevalent in New Fairfield, CT as residents fail to keep their park clean. As Kevin Kahn took a stroll through his childhood park he was amazed by the amount of lack of respect visitor's show to their park. Shards of glass were found on the sides of paths. Broken beer cans and bottle caps are found throughout the park within feet from the previous one. Kahn talks about how glass bottles take one million years to decompose. Apples and banana peels may be suspected to decompose quickly but Kahn explains to readers they take two to five weeks to decompose (Kahn). He says, "Are we that disrespectful of nature that we can't save our trash until we get back to our homes or to a garbage can?" (Kahn). Many people are amazed of the impact people have made on nature. If lack of respect to the environment continues the world all live in might die.

During Christmas time lack of respect is shown through the prevalence of cutting in lines. During the holidays many people wait to the last minute to shop for their Christmas presents. Because of this factor lines a few days before Christmas or on sale days like Black Friday can extend for hours. Because of these long lines people tend to be very impatient. Many citizens don't care about others because they only have respect for themselves. During my trip to Kohl's about three days before Christmas I witnessed this. I watched as a girl cut in front of twenty people. Maybe it was because she had a crying child and she was in a rush but that is no reason to cut in line. Her lack of respect made many people farther in line very agitated, even myself. I'm sure we all had are reasons to get out fast also. It didn't surprise me when soon an angry woman in line confronted her about this. She said she didn't realize and that it was a mistake but we all knew she was lying. If people were more patient and had more respect for others Christmas time shopping would be much easier and less stressful.

The boys showed lack of respect to the UNICEF employees in A Long Way Gone. During the war, the children were brainwashed to trust no one that was not wearing the government army uniform. The boys wanted no part in being taken off to a new place. They felt disrespected by their commander feeling they weren't fit enough for war. When they arrived at the rehabilitation center they chased the employees. They began to beat some of them including the cook. They would but a bucket on his head. They also left their mattresses outside even thought the employees kept bringing them inside. This showed lack of respect because the employees treated them kindly and with respect. Ismael says, "As soon as they started speaking, we would throw bowls, spoons, food, and benches at them" (Beah 138).

Angelina Johnson treats her students with respect resulting in positive feedback. Johnson has respect for the children she teaches. Because Johnson shows her students she cares about them, they care about the class. Angelina listens to what her students has to say and she takes in their opinions. She also teaches her students real life lessons which make them more interested (Teacher Uses Respect to Connect with Kids). Johnson says, "It is exciting to listen to kids to see how they are thinking" (Teacher Uses Respect to Connect with Kids).

Many things can be done to address this issue. If people were more kind to others it would help. It is remarkable how much manners truly help. When one is asked how they are in a store from a clerk it is nice to hear. Sometimes it is the only nice thing one will hear all day. Also learning how to appreciate more things in society will teach one to respect the little things in life. If more people were respectful the world would be more positive in lively. Lack of respect brings so many people down and without it the world would be happier.

Natalie Qabazard, Ursuline High School senior

In contemporary America, it seems as though more and more teenagers are inclined to act disrespectfully toward adults. The notion that the youth must respect their elders has completely vanished. What has replaced this attitude is a sense of disobedience, noncompliance and rudeness. Some contributors include the lack of discipline from parents, the mimicking of friends’ attitudes toward adults and how the media portrays disrespectful teenagers as being hip.
Modern families contain parents who are more driven and focused on their careers and less focused on the success of their family. According to, “Becoming a teenager brings with it a host of new emotions, attitudes and behaviors. As kids age 13 to 19 move from childhood to maturity, they often experiment with language to express their boundaries and talk back to parents in ways that are inappropriate. It then becomes the parents’ duty to instruct their children how to speak with respect to authorities.”
The problem arises when parents fail to teach their children the correct way of behaving toward adults. Once threats are made, the parents back down and the teenager feels powerful. Now, the teenager has control over the parent, causing the parent to feel weak and powerless.
Now more than ever, teens are mimicking the disrespectful and disobedient attitude, which their friends exhibit at school. This can mainly be seen between a student and a teacher. The same attitude that is being used toward parents is used against school officials. Schools should enforce more disciplinary action against these rude teens so as to make them pay for their lack of respect. As teenagers go about their daily lives, they observe others being rude to their friends and their parents, so they in turn do the same. The amount of peer pressure is increasing; therefore, it results in conforming to their peers’ expectations.
The media portrays disrespectful teenagers as being “cool” and therefore has contributed to this epidemic. We see more and more disrespectful teenagers on TV because it is entertaining to watch. However, this should not be at the expense of our future society’s behavior.
On the popular reality show “My Super Sweet Sixteen,” spoiled adolescent girls treat their parents with a lack of respect in order to get what they want. It is apparent, in this TV show, that the parents of these 16-year-olds only care about buying their children happiness when, in fact, the child feeds off of this carelessness and would like to take the power away from the parents and bring it upon themselves. By televising such acts, it is promoting these behaviors, hence more of it.
Teenagers must end this form of verbal abuse because if this behavior persists, America will form into a country filled with insolence. How would the remainder of the world esteem America if the president was arrogant, rude and disrespectful? America is known for its stature as a nation, filled with kind and respectful people. However, with the way that our generation proceeds into the future, that stature will likely plummet.

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