03.07 Revising The Narrative Essay

PART TWO: LESSON 3.05Directions:Write the introduction for your Narrative Essay, following the guidelines youwere taught. The introduction should be approximately 150-200 words in length and may include dialogue.I'm going to tell you about the story of “The Cask of Amontillado?”. The narrator hastrouble with his dad growing up. He was thinking of how bad his childhoood was. Healso got made fun of as a childhood. He also remembered his childhood growing up andhow rough it was. He grew up pretty rough. His dad was abusive too him by alwaysscraming and yalling at him. His mom died while he was in the house so he seen his momdie. He was young when his mom died too. It is very sad how this happened. Also his dadwas mean and hateful to him and he didn't have a mom.PART THREE: LESSON 3.06Directions:Write the body of your narrative essay. This portion should be approximately 600-800 words in length and include dialogue and sensory details. Be sure to follow the tips and guidelines provided in the lessons.

03.08 The Narratve Essay Final DrafAlyssa Shepard1,000 ±o 1,500 words, dialogue, sensory de±ail, descriptve language, conclusion- zero errors.Mon±resor, a young man going ±hrough a rough pa±ch, is awoken ²rom a dreamless sleep by a ²oul smelling drunk. Cursing abou± Mon±resor missing school, his drunken ²a±her shou±s abou± how his mo±her would be ²urious i² she were stll alive. The groggy ±een looks up ±o see ±he tme- o² course; ±he drunk in his room woke him up ±wo hours be²ore he needed ±o. Sometmes Mon±resor wished he could move ou±, away ²rom ±his crowded small ±own, away ²rom his sick ²a±her. Now ±ha± he is awake Mon±resor ge±s up, knowing ±here is no hope o² going back ±o sleep. Once he has go³en dressed and ea±en, ±he boy grabs his bag and a sloppy sandwich. Kicking ±he door shu± behind him, Mon±resor s±ar±s ±owards ±he school. Trying ±o push away his home li²e Mon±resor ±hinks abou± his his±ory projec± and ±he entcing book ±ha± his English class is reading. Mon±resor enjoys being in school, bu± i± is no escape ²rom his environmen± a± home; ±he o±her kids like ±o pick on him and leave him ou±, ±his will be ±he las± year o² ±ha±. Bu± maybe ±oday is di´eren±… A new s±uden± was in±roduced in µrs± period advisory. Was his name For±una±o? Mon±resor only remembered ±he way For±una±o smiled a± him be²ore ±aking a sea±. Mon±resor is hi± by ±he idea ±ha± ±oday would be a grea± day. Unlike Mon±resor, For±una±o is shor± and round wi±h a pudgy ²ace. While For±una±o in±roduced himsel² ±o ±he class, Mon±resor couldn’± help notcing ±he odd apparel he spor±ed. A baggy pair o² jeans and ±he mos± oversized bu³on up possible. For±una±o isn’± jus± wearing ill µ¶ng clo±hing, bu± ±he artcles are boldly colored wi±h red and purple.

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