Those Winter Sundays Essay Thesis

Best Answer:  Ceaseless becoming is right; I wonder why people gave him a thumbs down.

So, yeah, the poem describes an exhausted working class father ("cracked hands that ached/from labor in the weekday weather") who wakes early on Sunday to get the furnace started, polish the boy's good shoes, etc.

So while there's a lot of anger and guarding of emotions of the house because of the "chronic angers" (the type of anger that might be given voice during Saturday night drinking sessions ... but maybe not), there is no question that waking early, starting the furnace, shining the shoes, basically preparing for the family to go to Sunday services -- those are all acts of love.

Those last lines say it all ... "what did I know/of love's austere and lonely offices?"

The point is that young people -- most people -- have an impoverished notion of love ... they see love as happiness or joy or love songs or ... I dunno ... happy families from TV commercials.

This reminds us that love takes a huge variety of forms ...


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Those Winter Sundays Essay

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Those Winter Sundays

"Those Winter Sundays" is a very touching poem. It is written by Robert Hayden who has written many other poems. This paper will talk about the poem "Those Winter Sundays". In particular we will look at the structure, main idea, and each stanza of the poem. "Those Winter Sundays" has a structure like many other poems. It is written in the first person notation. Often through the poem you would find yourself reading "I'd wake" and "I know". "Those Winter Sundays" has three stanzas that are separated with even white space. The first stanza consists of five lines followed by the second containing four lines and like the first stanza the last consists of five lines. Although the poem does not seem to rhyme…show more content…

He also describes the conditions of the father's hands demonstrating that he was a hard worker and still woke up before everyone else to warm up the rooms. The father basically says love in the simple act he does. Like many people I can personally relate to this poem. My father was not always demonstrative and affectionate but during my childhood years he always made sure I had everything I needed. That showed me that my father cared. There is another side to this poem where the child admits to his own lack of empathy to his father. I suppose at that time he never realized what his father was doing. The line, "no one ever thanked him" explain the child's regrets. In the first stanza the reader is introduced to the two characters in the poem. The reader is also made aware of the time of the year and day. The first stanza reveals a lot of information. It tells the reader who, when, and where. It also appeals to the sense of touch and sight when it describes the father's hands and also when he "puts his clothes on in the blueblack cold." One could almost feel the "cold" and see the "cracked hands." The second stanza is almost like the first in the fact that it appeals to the same senses. It talks about the actions and the feelings of the child. It describes how the child would wake and wait for his father to call him. The second stanza also describes the mood of the house in the line, "fearing the chronic angers of that house." Perhaps that line is

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