Big Talk Homework Letter

What is BIG Writing?

Big Writing is a highly effective method aimed at helping children to improve their writing. It was developed by Ros Wilson and is used by many schools throughout the U.K.

The Big Write Philosophy

Big Write is the development of the ‘writing voice’ through fast, fun, lively and predominantly oral activities. It is based upon the premise:


Big Write allows children to practice skills and apply them in a range of different contexts. Every week -usually on a Thursday or Friday – the children are given a longer period of time in order to do an extended piece of writing. Prior to the session, the children will have taken part in a range of speaking, listening and writing activities which will feed directly into the Big Write session towards the end of the week. The night before their Big Write, they take home Big Talk homework to discuss with their parents. This helps them to mentally prepare for their session, providing them with ideas to stimulate their writing. 

You will begin to hear the term V.C.O.P from your child. This is an acronym to represent four key areas of learning within writing:

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Talk Homework

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