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Administrative assistants, even at the entry level, are asked to take on a great deal of responsibility and maintain several functions at the same time. When you are getting ready to embark on your administrative assistant career, you will need to put together an entry level administrative assistant cover letter that assures potential employers that you have the skills it takes to be successful.

At the entry level, hiring managers are not going to rely too much on your professional experience because they understand that you are still gaining experience. That is why there are three things that you must include in your entry level administrative assistant cover letter if you are going to find success in your career.

An Ability To Remain Organized While Executing Multiple Tasks

There are several ways to show that you can remain organized while executing multiple tasks, but the best way to show it on your entry level administrative assistant cover letter is to list your past accomplishments in an organized and easy to read fashion.

A good hiring manager will be able to look at the format and structure of your entry level administrative assistant cover letter and tell right away if you are able to remain organized. When you use good structure and a smooth transition from one section of your cover letter to the next, then you will show hiring managers exactly what they need to see.


As an administrative assistant, you will be asked to put together letters and correspondence for other people. Your entry level administrative assistant cover letter will let hiring managers know whether or not you can maintain the high standard of professionalism that the company is looking for.

When writing your entry level administrative assistant cover letter, use proper nouns to address the hiring managers and avoid using any slang or offensive language. A professional presentation will go a long way towards getting your career off to a great start.


When you get into your role as a professional administrative assistant, you will find that the people around you rely on you heavily to be there to do you job so that they can do theirs. When you are putting together your entry level administrative assistant cover letter, it helps to include any entries that show your high level of reliability.

Some of the things you can use to show off your reliability would be perfect attendance awards from school, and employee of the month recognition you have received from summer jobs and any kind of mention you may have as to your ability to work without taking time off. It is not easy to show reliability in an entry level administrative assistant cover letter, but it is essential in getting the job you want.

Once you get started in your career as an administrative assistant, your professionalism and reliability can help you to move up the ladder quickly. But when you are writing your entry level administrative assistant cover letter, you need to highlight personal experiences that will interest the hiring managers and get you the job you want.

LiveCareer has the templates and samples you need to write the perfect entry level administrative assistant cover letter. Take the time to review the LiveCareer material and then put together a winning resume presentation.

James Smith

123 Main Street, Stateland, ST, 99999  C: (555) 123-9876 sample.email@livecareer.com 

Sept 20, 2013

Christina Kolze

SEMO Milling, LLC

261 River Road

Cape Girardeau, MO 63702



Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Dear Christina Kolze,

Your willingness to take time out of your busy day on Thursday to meet with me is greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed speaking with you about the receptionist/administrative assistant. What a thrill it would be to work for your team! I would be so proud to tell people that I am a part of the SEMO Milling team. I believe that I have the characteristics that and skills you are looking for. I hope you feel the same way.

As a mentioned during our discussion, I have a strong background in multi line switchboard, customer service, travel planning and general office duties. After meeting with you and learning about SEMO Milling and what you are looking for in this position I am confident that my experience and enthusiasm will be a great addition to your work family.

Again, I appreciate your time and consideration for this exciting opportunity. Please let me know if I can provide you with any further information about my background or qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


James Smith



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