Case Study With Neuman Systems Model

A patient/client was evaluated according to the Neuman model. Intrapersonal stressors (physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, and spiritual), interpersonal stressors (being away from family and children) and extra-personal stressors (aggression and psychological pressure from the spouse) were found. Based on the examination, 12 nursing diagnoses based on the taxonomy of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association International, and nursing care based on three levels of prevention that are important in the view of Neuman, are presented. The results were used in the classification of nursing interventions and the classification and nursing outcomes respectively.

The results suggest the desirability of care and patient/client satisfaction in the evaluation of nursing care based on the Neuman model. The model can be used as a framework to help nurses care for patients/clients. Thus, the application of this model and other models is recommended in the nursing care of patients/clients.

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