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The Institute's work on economic sanctions was developed in the 1980s and has constantly been updated and revised since then by the intact team of Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Jeffrey J. Schott, Kimberly Ann Elliott, and Barbara Oegg. The team's latest analysis and recommendations and more than 200 case studies have been published as a CD-ROM in the third edition of Economic Sanctions Reconsidered.


Post-2000 Sanctions Episodes [PDF]
Summary of economic sanctions episodes, 1914–2006

Case Studies

Case 99-1
US and UN v. Afghanistan (Taliban)
(1999–2002: extradition of Osama Bin Laden)

Arab League
Case 76-3 (formerly 65-4) 
US v. Arab League (1979– : Antiboycott Measures)

Burma (Myanmar)
Case 88-1
US, EU, Japan v. Burma (Myanmar) (1988– : Human rights, democracy, narcotics)

Case 89-2
US v. China (1989– : Tiananmen Square Massacre, Human Rights)

Case 60-3 [PDF]
US v. Cuba (1960– : Castro)

Case 98-1
US v. India (1998– : Nuclear Weapons Proliferation)

Case 79-1 [PDF] and Cases 84-1 and 2006-1 [PDF]
US v. Iran (1979–81: Hostages) 
US v. Iran (1984–2005: Terrorism, Proliferation) 
UN, US [EU] v. Iran (2006– : Proliferation)

Case 80-2 and Case 90-1
US v. Iraq (1980–2003: Terrorism; Chemical and Nuclear Weapons) 
US and UN v. Iraq (1990– : Invasion of Kuwait, Impairment of military capability, destabilization)

Cases 78-8 and 92-12 and Case 2011-1 [PDF]
US v. Libya (1978–2004: Gadhafi, Terrorism) and
UN v. Libya (1992–99: Pan Am 103)
Australia, Canada, EU, Japan, NATO, UN, US v. Libya (2011– : Gadhafi, human rights)

North Korea
Cases 50-1 and 93-1 (updated) US and UN v. North Korea (1950– : Korean War)
US and UN v. North Korea (1993– : nuclear proliferation)

Case 79-2 and Case 99-3
US v. Pakistan (1979– : Nuclear Missile Proliferation) 
US, Japan v. Pakistan (1999–2001: Coup, restore democracy)

South Africa
Cases 62-2 and 85-1
UN v. South Africa (1962–1994: Apartheid; Namibia)
US, Commonwealth v. South Africa (1985–91: Apartheid)

Case 89-3 [PDF]
US v. Sudan (1989– : Human Rights; Civil War; Democracy)

Case 86-1 and Case 2011-2 [PDF]
US v. Syria (1986– : Terrorism)
EU, US v. Syrian Arab Republic (2011– : human rights, democracy)

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