Orientation At Bell Canada Case Study

1) What personal information is used in Bell’s online marketing program?

Account information and service usage information of mobile users (mobile browsing, location and apps) may be used for the program.

a) Account information is information such as network type (ex. LTE), address, age range (within a 5 year range) and gender. The full list of account information used for marketing purposes is set out below. Where there is more than one user or mobile device under an account, the information may be aggregated at the account level or at the user level, depending on the information provided when the user or device was added to the account. Use of account information will vary by the requirements of the target profile:

Age Range:This is based on the date of birth (if any) provided when purchasing products and services from Bell. This is grouped into a minimum of 5 year age ranges starting at age 18
Gender:This is inferred from the title you selected for your account (such as Mr., Mrs., Ms.), if any, and may also be inferred from your first name.
Primary Language:This is based on the primary language for communications that you selected for your account, and is one of French, English or Other.
ARPU Range:This refers to the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). The specific value for each user under your Bell account is aggregated to fit into one of Very Low, Low, Average, High or Very High.
Price Plan Type:This refers to whether your account is pre-paid or post-paid and the type of plan you have with either of those categories.
Billing Address:At the Account Information level, this refers to the city or region of your billing address which includes postal code. Safeguards are in place to ensure that postal codes cannot be used by 3rd parties to identify you.
Device Type (OEM, Model), Operating System and Network Type: This refers to the brand and model of device(s) operating on your account (Smartphone, Tablet, PC Card, Feature Phone, Router, etc.) as well as the model (Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z5, Apple iPhone 6), and operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows) of the devices and network type (HSPA, LTE).
Volumetric Usage of Data, Messaging and Voice: This refers to your usage of wireless products and services such as number of messages sent and received, voice minutes, used data consumption and type of connectivity when downloading or streaming. The content of such communications is not captured; the program simply looks at the usage of various types of services.

b) Service Usage Information: Service usage information refers to information about how and where you use your Bell wireless products and services.  The types of service usage information Bell may use are described below:

Location:The location of your wireless device is generated when your device communicates with our cell-towers. Typically, this is used to manage network congestion. Your location may be used to provide you with ads, offers or discounts relevant to your specific location or travel patterns. The location information used is based on available technology. NOTE: Switching off the 'location services' preference on your device stops GPS location information but does not impact the network location used by the Program. You can stop the use of your location information for the Program by declining to participate (or opting out if you are already participating). If you choose not to participate we will continue to collect and use your network location information for the purpose of providing you the wireless services to which you have subscribed.

Employer Background

Established in Canada1880
Publicly tradedyes
Parent companyBCE Inc.
Parent company head officeMontréal QC
Major Canadian hiring locationsMontréal QC, Toronto ON, Halifax NS, Winnipeg MB, Saint John NB, Calgary AB, Vancouver BC
Full-time employees in Canada37,137
Part-time employees in Canada9,520
Full-time employees worldwide37,929
Workforce engaged on a contract basis3.7%
Average age of employees in Canada41.4
Longest serving employee50.6 years

Physical WorkplaceRating: A+

Commuter amenities transit subsidies, online car-pool sign-up, free parking, electric vehicle charging stations, secure/sheltered bicycle parking
Workplace featuresphysical workplace and amenities vary by office location, Bell's Mississauga office features onsite gyms while Bell Media's historic Toronto office houses CP24 and other programs, Bell's Montréal head office is LEED certified and features electric vehicle parking, telecommuter workstations, nap room, religious observance room, outdoor barbecue, outdoor patio
Employee lounge amenitiescomfortable seating, fireplace, television, pool table, foosball table, board games, table tennis, private phone rooms, self-serve library and reading area, outdoor terrace with parasols
Onsite cafeteriahealthy menus, special diet menus, marche-style cafeteria, onsite coffee shop
Onsite fitness facilityfor employees only, subsidized membership, treadmills, stationary bikes, stairmasters, instructor-led classes (Zumba, spinning, cardio-interval, step combo), rowing machines, weights, basketball court, sauna, shower facilities, nutritionist, massage therapist and physiotherapist services, outdoor space for volleyball, ball hockey and basketball, single membership provides access to all three facilities in Montréal
Other nearby amenitiesgolf course, tennis club (with over 20 indoor courts), spa (with discounted employee membership), Elgar Community Centre, fitness club, Domaine St. Paul & Lac Des Battures (features 26 hectares of forest with walking trails and a bird sanctuary), daycare, restaurants, shopping mall, 10 km of illuminated bicycle paths, outdoor rinks and cross-country ski trails, a number of parks with playgrounds

Work Atmosphere & CommunicationsRating: A

Employee social committee namevarious committees at locations across Canada (est. 2007)
Recent social eventseach of Bell's departments organize dedicated social events and celebrations throughout the year, including an offsite event at Mont Tremblant, annual barbecues, a scavenger hunt, holiday celebrations and a bowling tournament (to name a few), Bell also maintains employee sports teams and clubs, from baseball to chess and bowling to hockey (pre-dating the NHL, Bell's first teams played in 1903, competing for the Telephone Trophy)
Cultural aspectsemployee sports teams, business casual dress, casual dress (e.g. jeans) daily, casual dress Fridays, music while working
Employee communicationsintranet site, company newsletter, traditional/email suggestion box
Other in-house communicationsquarterly town hall meetings, annual meetings with the CEO hosted at locations across the country (including live webcasts for some of the meetings), InTouch (retiree newsletter)

Financial Benefits & CompensationRating: A

Financial benefits noteemployer_short_name has multiple employee groups, financial benefits may vary by position
Outside salary surveysparticipates in outside salary surveys every 12 months
Employee salary reviews individual salaries are reviewed every 12 months
Long-term savingsdefined-contribution (DC) pension
Long-term planningretirement planning assistance, life & disability insurance
Year-end bonusesavailable to all employees
Referral bonuses (max)new employee referral bonuses (up to $2,500) for some positions
Signing bonuses available for some positions
Additional financial benefitssubsidized home insurance, subsidized auto insurance, discounted auto lease rates, subsidized home internet, participates in over 20 salary surveys annually to ensure competitive compensation across its diverse business

Health & Family-Friendly BenefitsRating: B

Health plan noteemployer_short_name has multiple employee groups, health plans may vary by position
Health plan premiumas part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 100% of the premiums
Flexible coveragehealth plan is flexible with adjustable premiums and coverage levels
Waiting periodthere is no waiting period for coverage
Family coverage optionyes
Dental coverageroutine, restorative, orthodontics
Traditional coverage (e.g. prescription drugs)yes
Additional coverageemployee assistance (EAP) plan, physiotherapy, medical travel insurance, medical equipment and supplies, massage therapy, nutrition planning, podiatrist, osteopathy, chiropractor, alternative coverage (e.g. accupuncture, naturopathy)
Other health plan informationdedicated mental health and wellness site on the company's intranet, which features articles, videos, training and a variety of related resources, retirees have access to "MyFuture" health benefits program (with no employer paid premiums)
Family-friendly benefits noteemployer_short_name has multiple employee groups, family-friendly policies may vary by position
In vitro fertilization (IVF)$15,000 per lifetime
Additional family-friendly benefitsextended parental leave to unpaid leave, daycare centre onsite
Alternative work optionsflexible work hours, shortened work week (fewer hours with less pay), compressed work week, telecommuting
Additional family-friendly informationmaternity and parental leave programs vary by employee group and location, to 75% for 25 weeks (Atlantic Canada), to 75% for 15 weeks for new mothers and 75% for 10 weeks for new fathers and adoptive parents (Ontario)

Vacation & Personal Time-OffRating: B

Vacation noteemployer_short_name has multiple employee groups, vacation policies may vary by position
Vacation jump vacation increases after 10 years of employment
Maximum vacation allowanceemployees move to a maximum of 5 weeks of vacation over their career
Unpaid leave maximum 36 months
Self-funded/deferred salary leave maximum1 month
Additional time-off informationdepending on their group, employees can purchase 2 to 5 extra days of vacation through benefit flex credits or payroll deductions

Employee Engagement & PerformanceRating: A+

Employee performance reviewsemployees receive individual performance reviews every 6 months
Managers receive performance review trainingyes
360° feedback optionas part of the review process, performance feedback is also solicited from co-workers and other managers familiar with each employee's work
Confidential employee feedbackemployees can also provide confidential feedback on their manager's performance
Exit interviewexit interview option is available for departing employees
Performance recognitionindividual performance bonuses, on-the-spot rewards, peer-to-peer recognition awards, long-service awards, (each business unit at Bell has a formal recognition program and presents awards to employees each quarter), Bravo Award program to recognize remarkable achievements and performance (presented at an annual gala that has featured musical guests such as Blue Rodeo, Sam Roberts Band, Sarah McLachlan and Nikki Yanofsky), long service awards since 1931, leading to the President's Wallet Program to commemorate employee retirement
In-house survey periodin-house surveys are conducted every 12 months
Outside survey periodoutside consultant surveys are held every 12 months

Training & Skills DevelopmentRating: A

Career planning in-house career planning services, online employee skills inventory
In-house training initiatives apprenticeship/skilled trades programs, mentoring, in-house training, online training, leadership training, paid internships, subsidies for professional accreditation
Related tuition subsidiesemployer covers up to 100% of tuition per year
Annual tuition maximumemployer pays up to $1,500 in tuition subsidies for job-related courses per year
Unrelated tuition subsidiesemployer covers up to 100% of tuition per year for courses unrelated to current position
Unrelated tuition maximumemployer pays up to $1,500 in tuition subsidies per year for courses unrelated to current position
Financial bonuses for course completionsyes
Unique training & development programsformal leadership development program (focused on new and existing leaders as well as the development of the next generation of leaders), mental health training initiative

Community InvolvementRating: A+

Scope of charitable involvementlocal, national
Employee charitable involvementemployees are involved in selection of charities, employees receive paid time off to volunteer, (up to 1 paid day)
Total employee volunteer hours (on company time)over 336,000 hours last year
Total number of charities supported last yearapproximately 3,000 charitable and community organizations were supported last year
Some of the community organizations supported Queen's University ($1 million Bell Canada Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair), Fondation de l'Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Québec ($1 million), Nunavut's Embrace Life Council (suicide prevention initiative), over 70 grants to community organizations providing mental health care at the community level (from $5,000 to $25,000), and numerous other initiatives and events across the country
Charitable givingmatches employee donations, matches employee volunteer hours with company donations
Community highlightThe Bell Let's Talk mental health initiative is one of the largest commitments to mental health in Canada, with a total commitment of over $100 million over a decade. Employees support many of the program's initiatives, including the annual Bell Let's Talk Day, a high-profile campaign to reduce stigma and raise funds to fight mental illness. Since the initiative was launched in 2010, the campaign has funded more than 700 partner organizations who have worked with over 1.7 million people across the country.

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