Environmental Impact Assessment Case Study

This article describes an environmental impact assessment (EIA) evaluation model that can be used to assess the completeness and effectiveness of EIA systems. This model is based on a consideration of the fundamental components of an EIA. The EIA system in Taiwan has been used as the case study to demonstrate how the proposed EIA evaluation model can be applied. Taiwan is demonstrated to have a comprehensive EIA system, which is clearly defined legally and with guidelines available to assist proponents in implementing the system. A particular strength is the requirement for compliance and enforcement monitoring. Important reservations are the lack of an appeals system and the failure to require the consideration of no-action or alternative-action strategies and the lack of public participation at some key points in the EIA process, particularly at the decision-making stage. Training programs could be more comprehensively available to expand national EIA capability. It is concluded that the proposed EIA evaluation model provides a useful tool for the evaluation of EIA systems. National authorities can apply this model to analyze strengths and weaknesses of their EIA systems.

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Case studies on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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  • Egbert K. Duursma
  • JoLynn Carroll


In the interface between science and the responsibilities of local or governmental policy-makers, there usually exists a great many missing links. This is caused by the difference of tasks.


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  • Egbert K. Duursma
  • JoLynn Carroll
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