English 102 Poetry Essay Analysis

Course Description

ENGL 102: Freshman Composition II. 0-3-3. 

Preq., Engl 101. Continues the work of Composition I; includes the preparation of a research paper from library sources. 


  • English 102 should be regarded principally as a writing course. As such, the course is intended as a complement to English 101. Writing skills used in the first course should be augmented and further refined in the second.
  • The research paper should be a major part of the course and should demonstrate a diversity of writing skills.
  • The short stories, poetry, and drama taught in English 102 should be used to generate topics and to serve as material for student essays and research.

General Requirements

  • Five essays, including a research paper, will be assigned during the quarter. You should turn in your paper in class on time. A paper not submitted in class on the due date is late. SUBMIT YOUR ESSAYS ON TIME. YOU MUST SUBMIT ALL FIVE ESSAYS AND TAKE THE FINAL.

Attendance Requirements

  • Class attendance is regarded as an obligation as well as a privilege, and all students are expected to attend regularly and punctually all classes in which they are enrolled. Attendance is worth 10% of your total grade.
  • I shall keep a permanent attendance record for this class. This record is subject to inspection by appropriate college or university officials.
  • Regular attendance will help you understand your assignments and complete them on schedule. I encourage you to attend unless you absolutely cannot avoid being absent.
  • Bring a 9" x 12" manilla folder to class for me to file your work in.


  • Conferences are encouraged during the quarter. They will be used to discuss specific writing strengths and/or weaknesses.

“THE ROAD NOT TAKEN” ANALYSIS 2 “The Road Not Taken” Analysis “The Road Not Taken” is a 1916 poem by Robert Frost, one of the most recognized American poets. The poem describes a person in the wood who comes across a fork in the road and needs to pick one of the two paths. The focus is on the process of choosing, doubts connected with it, and the reflections over the choices made. In his poem, "The Road Not Taken", Robert Frost uses the literary devices of metaphor, symbolic setting, and title to describe the nature of life choices, difficulty of making choices, and doubts about them. The poem concentrates on the theme of life choices presented by Frost with a mood of regret. The theme of the poem is presented with the help of the metaphor of a fork in the road: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood” (Frost, 1916). This metaphor is developed throughout the poem; therefore, it is an extended metaphor. The choice between the two roads in the wood equals to the choices that people make throughout their lives: one’s future depends on the path one chooses at a certain moment of life. With the help of the metaphor of the road Frost portrays the process of making choices. At first, the narrator takes some time to

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